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Hello and welcome

I thought it best to introduce myself before you start reading…

As you no doubt know by visiting the Noesis Research website, I am a researcher and consumer observer and have been for almost fourteen years.

I love my work because it allows me to meet people of all walks of life – in real and virtual worlds. I literally do ‘get off’ on understanding what it is that people want (and why, how, when, in what format and so on).

I am constantly asked about the name and what it means. In its simplest form, Noesis means understanding, nous, insight and intuition – which pretty much sums up what research is all about and differentiates average researchers from good ones.

So why not just call it ‘Intuition’? Well, that would be too obvious and any (good) researcher will tell you that insights are not always obvious (results maybe, but insights – not so much).

‘Noesis’ is therefore reflective of how I work – using my intuition, nous and knowledge to find out those insights that aren’t so obvious.

Chat soon,


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